Doctoral students at the Contemporary and Comparative History PhD-Programme conduct various research projects both in the Hungarian- and the English-language training. Here are our PhD-students introducing themselves briefly.

Student admitted in 2015

Veronika Szakál
Research topic: The History of Public Opinion Research in Hungary, 1960–1980

Students admitted in 2016

Borbála Klacsmann
Research topic:
the restitution and compensation of Hungarian Holocaust survivors
Fields of interest: microhistory of the Holocaust, long-term consequences of the Holocaust

Eliza Pap
Research topic:  History of the Jewish community in Újpest (1938–1945)
Fields of interest: museum, community work, reading, running, hiking, folk dance and folk music

Islam Sargi
Research topic: The Kurdish Political Movement and the Universities in Turkey, 1960–1980

Students admitted in 2017

Anastas Bezha
Research topic: The Austro-Hungarian Invasion Zone in Albania During WWI

Jérémy Floutier
Research topic: 
Transylvania’s Image in Hungary and Romania Through Education Between 1945 and 1990

Oszkár Gorcsa
Research topic: History of the Serbian POWs in Hungary during WWI
Fields of interest: 
history of WWI, history of Austria–Hungary, ethnic movements in Austria–Hungary

Ádám Lengyel
Research topic: The Doctrine and Practice of the American Combat Search and Rescue Operations
Fields of interest: modern military history, history of the United States, Cold War, contemporary conflicts, history of terrorism

Students admitted in 2018

Dmytro Bondarenko
Research topic: The Monarchist Counter-revolution in Central and Eastern Europe, 1918–1920: A Comparative Analysis 
Fields of interest: history of revolutions and counter-revolutions, dissolution of the Russian and the Austro-Hungarian empires, nation-state building in Central and Eastern Europe, WWI 

Bence Mezey
Research topic: Armed conflicts in the Far-East (Malaysia, Indochina, Vietnam) from 1945 to 1975
Fields of interest: civil-military cooperation, COIN strategies

Levente Gábor Szabó
Research topic: Comparative analysis of authoritarian regimes: Japan and the European illiberal regimes
Fields of interest: history of Japan, military history, history of globalization, history of technology

Students admitted in 2019

Gönder, Hasan
Research topic: Modernization and Professionalization in Turkey’s Rural Areas
Fields of interest: Turkish, Hungarian and Chinese political history in the 20th century

Szandra Kiss
Research topic: Space Age, Space Race, and Cold War Propaganda
Fields of interest: history of the Soviet Union, history of Cold War, propaganda in the 20th century

Students admitted in 2020

Vanda Bessenyei
Research topic:
Czechoslovak political trials and state security relations between Czechoslovakia and Hungary from 1948 to 1954
Fields of interest: the representation of the Hungarian and Czechoslovak political trials in the soviet press, history of the Soviet-Hungarian and the Soviet-Czechoslovak state security relations
Benjámin Dávid
Research topic: Social and demographic conditions of Gyoma and Endrőd in the shadow of the two world wars
Fields of interest: 20th-century social history of Hungary, history of Békés county in the 20th century, numismatics

Máté Domján
Research topic: Evolution of the United States Marine Corps’ amphibious operations
Fields of interest: military history, history of the first and the second world war, history of the USA

Mirjana Manojlović
Research topic: Quality of life in Yugoslavia and Hungary 1945-1990: A comparative analysis
Fields of interest: Social history of Europe, history of ideas, history of the Balkans
Zoltán Vágfalvi
Research topic: Changes of the political roles of social organizations related to religious denominations in the Dualistic and the Horthy Era
Fields of interest: Hungarian secret services and secret agents in the 20th century

Student admitted in 2021

Nikoletta Zsiga
Research topic: Comparison of the 20th-century African genocides
Fields of interest: history of the holocaust, 20th- and 21-century genocides, and ethnic cleansings