Global processes, local variations 

When did globalization began, and how did it proceed? How did global connections influence political and cultural developments in different parts of the world, including Hungary, throughout the 20th century? When can the acceleration of globalization be observed, and when was it reversed? Such questions can only be answered by looking at long term developments. It is this combination of global questions and the analysis of local processes that characterize the History of Globalization Research Group which was established by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2019.

MTA-SZTE-ELTE History of Globalization Research Group

Leader of the Group: Prof. Dr. Béla Tomka, DSc, University of Szeged, Department of Contemporary History 

Members of the Group: Katalin Baráth, Péter Bencsik, Zsombor Bódy, Melinda Kalmár, Márkus Keller, Gábor Koloh, Péter Nagy, Márton Simonkay 

Title of the Project: Waves of Globalization and Territorialization: Hungary in the 19th and 20th Century in a Comparative Perspective

The website of the Research Group is available here.